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Speech Therapy has been devised for all speech and language therapists to use with children with speech difficulties. It has been written by two experienced speech and language therapists, Henrietta McLachlan and Liz Elks.

What is it?
· An exciting new concept which provides personalized speech and language therapy programmes at the touch of a button.

· Following a speech and language therapy assessment you can now provide parents and education staff with good quality, personalised programmes to implement with a specific child to improve the articulation and use of speech sounds.

· Each programme will provide all the picture materials and clear directions to help the child articulate a target speech sound, use it in single words and encourage the use of it in sentences.

· Programmes are based on the principles of metaphonology.

How do I use it?
· As a registered user you can log onto the site, choose the programme you want, enter the child's name so that the advice is personalised and immediately print off all the pictures and written information.

· At the touch of a button send this information straight to the child’s school or home. Instant access so that work can begin straight away. Select Send>Page by Email from the File menu at the top of the screen.

· Saves hours of time in writing, typing and posting programmes.

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